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Oxygen Kiosk - New design, hand crafted with love

At the beginning of this year, I moved to Sydney with my son to live with my partner Kelly, and so far it has been the best decision that I have made. Sydney is awesome! So many cool things to do, eat and drink. Yum.

To coincide with my big move, and subsequent change of employers (I work for myself now!), Jaymis and I redesigned and launched our baby and I must say, I really like it.

I began the design some months ago when I was first playing with Blueprint CSS (which is awesome – three cheers for Olav ) and so was based on waaay old Blueprint code. Thanks to the new modular code system, I was able to upgrade with no worries at all!

So the site is live, I’m working as the Oxygen Kiosk full time now, so contact us for your next web development quote!


Sharpie Art

Art rocks sometimes. As evidenced in this video:

Very awesome continuous line art, part of a series by Dark Roasted Blend


Run DMC guest on children's TV program

Possibly the coolest thing I have seen today. Run DMC tell kids:

Reading is a very fresh way to learn!

Last time I checked (Oscar & I don’t get to watch Sesame Street very often together) – kids shows have lost this level of awesomeness.


What's up with Cal?

Not that many people would be interested, but I thought I should post a general update on what’s going on in my life, and why I haven’t been responding to emails and the like.

Firstly, I now have a new job. I’m no longer with PixelFrame full time, but it looks like I might be contracting with them a little untilthey can find a replacement.

I have a new job with the Queensland Government in the Smartservices department, which is looking very exciting. And I get to work with Damian from Ponyloaf , AND my old friend Mike Cheng. Awesome.

Oh, and I get flexi time, 37 1/4 hour working days and really good pay.

In other news I just moved house. To a house.

There is a whole ‘nutha side of things going on in my personal life as well. My ex is back from her sojourn in ‘hospital’ and wants to take some custody of Oscar. This is less than perfect, and I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.

Thanks for everyone who has contacted me with their support.


Price for this coffee is way too dear

I just read on the WWF site that areas of national park in Indonesia have been used to illegally grow coffee (Robusta) that has been exported around the world.

From the site:

The illegally grown coffee is mixed by local traders with legal coffee beans and exported from Indonesia to companies such as Kraft Foods, Nestlé, Lavazza and Marubeni, according to the global conservation organization. Neither exporting nor importing companies have mechanisms in place to prevent the trade of illegal beans.

News like this is terrifying. The thought of inadvertently being part of the destruction of the habitat of so many animals makes me glad I don’t really drink any Robusta blends of coffee.



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