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Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Shape I'm In (1979)

I want an edit of this tune.


Sampology Super Visual Disco Party Sampler

Sam’s HOT! He’s so on fire that his records melted. This short little video has it ALL

Untitled from Green Eggs and Ham on Vimeo.


The Cure - It's a goddamn Curathon

Today I’ve been gorging on The Cure. Their stuff has truly stood the test of time, and is enjoyable now as it was when I was 14 and angsty.

the cure from craig coles on Vimeo.


Edward Guglielmino - Fail With Me

Well done Jaymis on this awesome production.

Edward Guglielmino – Fail With Me from Jaymis on Vimeo.

The second track from the album Late At Night. This is the first studio video for that album.

Listen to the album: http://edg.ug/releases/late-at-night/

Video by Jaymis: http://jaymis.com


Detroit TV - The New Dance Show

I don’t really watch much tv these days, but I’d watch this show religiously.

I love artifacts of popular culture like this:



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