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Private chat from Jon_D

Private chat from Jon_D


LEGO™ Ripley

Ripley ready for action
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Can’t stop watching


Why I spend my time on IRC

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Embedding your Twitter timeline on your desktop

Since I moved full-time to my new (shiny, beautiful) MacBook Pro, I have been tinkering with various solutions to my Twitter problem. I want to be able to update whenever I want, but I don’t want visual alerts that people I am following have posted. I would, however, like to have my timeline somewhere easy-to-see, so I don’t forget about it. Sound confusing? Perhaps.

So I came up with a quick and dirty solution to embed my Twitter timeline to my desktop.

  1. Download and install the Twitter gem for Ruby – a great little tool that allows you to use Twitter via the command line
  2. Download and install the GeekTool – a neat little app that allows you to embed the results of a shell action, files or pictures on your desktop
  3. Create a new console in GeekTool (of type Shell) with the following command:
    /usr/local/bin/twitter timeline
  4. Style accordingly




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