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EDUP Wireless PCI Card on a Mac

I thought I would post this for anyone else having the same issues that I was in working out if this card would work on a mac.

It does, but only with special drivers

The card is based on the Atheros chipset, not the Broadcom chipset that OSX recognises as an Airport card. Which is why the special drivers are required.


OK, I discovered that you can get an Atheros chipset based wireless card working in your mac, albeit with only WEP encryption (for the time being at least).

From Insanely Mac

Checked with 10.4.8/.9, gives you a 100% airport extreme experience.
For use with 10.4.10+ you need to copy the kext from one of the previous versions. You can get it easily by downloading Apple’s 10.4.8 update, then using Pacifist to extract the IO80211Family.kext

I now get the cool Airport icon in my menubar, on my G4 Quicksilver 733, running Leopard. Huzzah!


Automated Content Authorship

This man has a network farm running some scary looking AI dedicated to creating niche publications, that people can buy from Amazon. He has over 200000 publications to his name using this technique.

This video had me mesmerised – computers can do that now?


#css on Freenet, lurking like no-one's watching

This week I’ve been lurking on IRC again, something I stopped doing after the demise of Pulse Radio.

Specifically, I’ve been hanging out at #css on Freenode, helping people with their CSS problems. It’s great fun! I think it’s helping me with my skills as well, analysing CSS issues and providing solutions.

I’ve also been lurking on #boingboing which is proving interesting, but I think between the rss feed , twtter feed and IRC, I may just have over-boingboinged. If that is possible. How much weird, crazy shit can you look at in one day?

Anyways, find me on Freenode as oksushi. Natch.


CSS Naked Day 2008

EDIT: I’m in Australia, so styles are back on before the rest of the world. That was heaps of fun! Looking forward to CSS Naked Day 2009.

Today I disabled CSS for this site, because I’m taking part in CSS Naked Day for 2008.

CSS Naked Day is a great way to show off the fact that I spent time and effort marking my site up correctly. Because I do on-the-fly testing with Lynx I knew what to expect.

Looking at my site, I feel like a search engine.


KSINO in Format Magazine

My good friend, former boss and all-around legend Jason has a lengthy article published about him at Format Magazine

Read it, drop a comment. It’s full of awesome stuff like this:

After being given the opportunity to work with his favorite artists, Jason traveled abroad to take his talents to the next level. “Being the first Australian to paint running trains in New York City and painting a running train in NYC with SEEN in 1993 put me on the international world stage. In Europe it was when Loomit, Chintz, Shark, Rio and I painted wholecars on both sides of a three car train. The solo wholecar I did in Amsterdam in 1993-94 blew everyone away. No lookouts no help, just me and 15 cans of Flieder.”



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