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Sampology > DJ Shadow

Here’s a video of Sam and Tom Thumb showing up DJ Shadow on his recent tour.

That’s how it’s fucking done!


Justice "Stress" is good.

OK, I was kinda thinking that Justice had shark-jumped. I was a full convert with Waters Of Nazareth, a total fan. Things were going great for the Ed Banger camp until all the /Vice/ kids jumped on board, then lo and behold, everything turned to shit.

D.A.N.C.E. is nothing at all like Waters of Nazareth, and although a catchy pop song, it’s just that: POP.

Then DVNO – hmm, pretty cool, but still VICEish.

But then this track happened, and my faith in humanity is a little bit restored.

justice stress (official video)
by 75_prod

Nice work Justice – now try to keep it real.


Pump up the volume - The history of house music in the UK

For my reference, as well as yours :)


Sampology & Tom Thumb FTW

Yeah, his hair is wack, but Sam is a legend – check his Shadow-esque MPC button mashing in this vid:


Einstuerzende Neubauten "1/2 Mensch"

I used to own this on video, but it disappeared.

This is from the documentary 1/2 Mensch



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