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Textpattern Updated

Posted on Saturday August 29, 2009 in Work

And with a sum total of 3 minutes work, OK Sushi is now running the latest Textpattern version, 4.2.0

What’s new under the hood? Well, I subscribe to the mailing list, and as such see all the SVN commits, so I know there is quite a bit happening here. The new admin interface looks great. I no longer get a silly error in the footer of it, either.

This sexy new CMS version does not change the fact that my design is getting old, and isn’t achieving what I want it to. So, I’m putting together a sort of ‘roadmap’ for where I want to take my website. Maybe, just maybe, by speaking these words in public, I might be able to set aside some time to actually do it.

Cal’s Roadmap for oksushi.com

OK? Sound good?

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