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Chinese Pressure Cooker Ribs

Posted on Thursday February 4, 2010 in Food

For Christmas, Kelly and I were given an electric pressure cooker. Before now, I had never cooked with one, and I have found it a lot of fun experimenting, firstly by trying out different recipes on the web, and secondly by trying to re–interpret other recipes using the skills learned.

One such recipe is this Chinese–style rib dish.

We have been heading out the Chinatown to do fortnightly shopping at Paddy’s markets, and inside Market City is a great Chinese–style butcher. They sell ribs, and will cut them for you Chinese–style if you ask.

Chinese–style Ribs



Set your pressure cooker to browning, and brown off the ribs. Take them out of the cooker, then add in about one tablespoon of oil (canola or vegetable) with one teaspoon of sesame oil. Add in the onions, garlic and ginger, and cook until fragrant.

Add back in the ribs, with the potatos, wine, soy sauces and the stock.

Close the pressure cooker, and cook for 14 minutes on a high pressure.

When done, serve with rice and Chinese greens with oyster sauce.

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