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Broccoli & Bacon Quiche

Making a quiche is a great way to use up extra vegetables you have in the fridge, and also ensure you have lunches prepared for the week!

This is a simple one, that takes only a few minutes to prepare, but tastes great.


  • Big pot of thickened cream
  • Half a dozen eggs
  • Frozen puff pastry (you can make your own if you like, I’m lazy)
  • One head of broccoli, cut into florets
  • Some bacon rashers, diced
  • One large shallot (or a couple of smaller ones), diced
  • One tomato
  • Cheese to taste
  • Butter


Put the broccoli in a steamer, and cook until it’s tender. The crunchiness is up to you.

In the frypan, gently melt the butter, then add the shallot. Cook until it starts to go transparent, then add the bacon, and cook for a while.

In a mixing bowl, crack the eggs and whisk gently. Once they start to combine, add some cream. You want the mixture to be as tough to mix as a light pancake batter. If it’s too tough, add a dollop of milk.

Add the shallot and bacon from the pan to the mixing bowl and mix gently.

Grease a quiche dish with butter, liberally. Cover the bottom and sides with the pastry.

Place the broccoli florets over the bottom of the pastry, then pour over the egg mixture.

Place slices of tomato over the top of the mixture, and then sprinkle with cheese if you like.

Bake at 180ºC for about 30 minutes. You want it to be wobbly, but not wet, when you remove it from the oven.



<3 Pattern

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Jelly coworking at Agency Rainford

First Jelly @ AR
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New Jelly coworking begins tomorrow at Agency Rainford, and I’m excited. Should be great! And, there is the prospect of beer :)


the "No IE6 Club"

IE6 denial message for Momentile.com
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I laughed at this – users with IE6 receive it at Momentile.com


Test Post

Hi everyone, disregrd this. I’m posting from TextMate using this useful article

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